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Animals wallpapers

Free animal backgrounds for mobile phones and tablets.

In the animal wallpapers collection you will find everything from adorable pets to the rarest and most wild animals in their natural habitat. If you are an animal lover, you will surely want these images for your mobile phone or tablet.

Major Mitchell cockatoo wallpaper
Pink Flamingo wallpaper
Lizard wallpaper
Octopus wallpaper
Elephant wallpaper
Jellyfish wallpaper
Mangrove snake wallpaper
Clownfish wallpaper
White Siberian Husky wallpaper
Giraffe sticks out its tongue wallpaper
Cat close-up wallpaper
Frigatebird wallpaper
Great white pelican wallpaper
Owl close-up wallpaper
Mandrill wallpaper
Colored jellyfish wallpaper
Parrot in the tree wallpaper
Lion at sunset wallpaper
Crab close-up wallpaper
jellyfish group wallpaper
Gecko wallpaper
Boa constrictor wallpaper
Crab on the rocks wallpaper
Deer on the mountain wallpaper
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