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Art wallpapers

Free art backgrounds for mobile phones and tablets.

In the art wallpapers collection you will find images of both classic and modern artistic works, such as paintings or sculptures by renowned artists. Let yourself be inspired by art every time you use your mobile phone or tablet.

Artistic graffiti of woman wallpaper
Colored lion wallpaper
Mona Lisa wallpaper
The Starry Night wallpaper
Statue holding rod wallpaper
Acrylic abstract painting wallpaper
Abstract brushstrokes wallpaper
Statue of Hercules wallpaper
Chiesa di Sant’ Ignazio di Loyola wallpaper
Warrior sculpture wallpaper
Ganesha statue wallpaper
Seashore picture wallpaper
Aztec mask wallpaper
Cyborg sculpture wallpaper
Purple abstract painting wallpaper
Windows in wall wallpaper
The fight statue wallpaper
Modern art wallpaper
Abstract painting wallpaper
Paint brushes on white textile wallpaper
On the wall wallpaper