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Plants & Flowers wallpapers

Free plants and flowers backgrounds for mobile phones and tablets.

In the plants and flowers wallpapers collection you will find beautiful floral images, give a touch of color to your mobile phone and tablet with these backgrounds of flowers and plants from around the world.

Tropical botanic garden wallpaper
Bouquet of flowers wallpaper
Green leaves wallpaper
Colorful rose wallpaper
Blue rose wallpaper
Sunshine flower macro wallpaper
Camellia flower wallpaper
White Mexican Rose wallpaper
Echinacea plant wallpaper
Lavender wallpaper
Geranium wallpaper
White flower wallpaper
Dahlia flowers macro wallpaper
Purple plant wallpaper
Purple flowers wallpaper
Purple plants wallpaper
Silver plant wallpaper
Camellia sasanqua wallpaper
Flowers in the forest wallpaper
Cactus wallpaper
Plants on the wall wallpaper
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