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Black wallpapers

Free black and dark backgrounds for mobile phones and tablets.

In the black wallpapers collection you will find ideal images for AMOLED screens, since by using black backgrounds on these screens we save battery. If your mobile phone or tablet has this type of screen or if you simply like dark backgrounds, you will surely love the images that we have prepared for you.

Jellyfish wallpaper
Mangrove snake wallpaper
Qualcomm Snapdragon circuit wallpaper
Spain shield wallpaper
Pac-Man neon wallpaper
Giraffe sticks out its tongue wallpaper
Freddy Krueger wallpaper
Solar eclipse wallpaper
Couple kissing wallpaper
Statue holding rod wallpaper
Chess horses faced wallpaper
Multicolored skull wallpaper
Light streak wallpaper
Night falls in New York wallpaper
Brooklyn bridge at night wallpaper
Lion at sunset wallpaper
Bonfire wallpaper
Bonfire at camp wallpaper
Neon LED mask wallpaper
Airsoft player wallpaper
Oakley snow goggles wallpaper
Marshall headphones wallpaper
Lights reflected in water wallpaper
Graffiti spread the love wallpaper
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